Thursday, 22 December 2011

Nearly There

We are nearly at Christmas and although the past few days have dragged today seems to be going quiet quick. i went home at lunch to find out that the neighbours are having a garden office installed in the new year so i guess theres going to be lots of noise been created. Also how much of an eyesore will it be or will a nice blending structure. hopefully they've had there garden room design done properly it will blend in to both gardens

I'm hoping that they are not starting on the 3rd of january as i have that day off and i'm hoping for a quite day but im guessing by my luck that thats the day when they'll start construction.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Slow Week

This week is pretty much going as expected slowly, since its the last week before christmas. i'm going out on christmas eve and having a meal with some mates, we are going to this fancy bar where you can smoke shisha pipes and percolator bongs outside.

Then we are going to head into town and hit the pubs and clubs, i'm not a fan of new years eve really i much prefer christmas eve, it seems much more festive and fun.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Bubble Shooter

My mates little lad sent me a message on facebook last night to this new game he's playing its called bubble shooter, basicly its exactly like brick breaker on blackberrys but he prefers this one. He said he's still playing happy wheels but not to the same extent as he was. then he wnet off line and i've not heard from him since. Well apart fro ma post on my wall saying the i smell of poo because i dont wash.

Fair point i thought, but since i dont smell i told him santa wouldn't be coming to his if he keeps been cheeky

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Managed to stay in

Well i did really well this weekend and managed to stay in, which again felt really good as i knew i was saving money. but i did see a few bongs i liked for my mate for christmas so i ended up getting 2 for him.

The ended up watching the Peter Kay DVD which was pretty good, i was a bit skeptical about watching it because the last tour was pretty much the same old jokes just re-dressed.

Anyway i'll get back on with work and post again towards the end of the week

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Not so hectic

Well i know i said last week flew by, but i think that this week is starting to drag slightly, well i mean the days drag time wise but again we are nearly at the weekend.

I'm trying my hardest to stay in this weekend and avoid all temptations of going out, I've got a DVD to watch so hopefully i can do that on Saturdays night in stead of going out.

I'm really looking forward to my trip down to the big smoke in the new year, i know we are in one of the many  st pancras hotels but I've heard it can be bit of a maze and the last thing i want is to be ripped off by a taxi driver spotting we are tourists.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Hectic again

Well last week has just flown by and before we know it we are already at Monday again ready to start the week. At least we've been paid now, i went out at the weekend but I'm going to try to stay in over the next fortnight since i know that Christmas is going to be a bit full on and pretty expensive.

It was a good night on saturday i ended up wearing some voi boots which are meant to be for Christmas but it was pretty chilly and i wanted to have feeling left in my toes by the end of the night. Si had a really nice gio goi top on which he'd got from some website online at a really cheap price apparently.

I can't believe that's its been snowing on and off today. I'd really like to wake up to 10 foot of snow so i don't have to go to work in the morning, but in reality i don't see that its going to happen.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Flash games

My mate came round the other night for an hour or so and he brought his little lad round with him, who quickly asked if he could go on the laptop to play games on the Internet turns out he was playing happy wheels which can be a bit gory but his dad wasn't to bothered.

WE chatted about F1 and where we think Rubens B will go or if he'll call it an end in F1. We did think that he could go to Mclaren as a 3rd / test driver. but whether that's what he wants is another thing

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Relaxed and ready for work

well my weekend was pretty much as expected, a relaxing one at home. Watching movies whilst on the sofa drinking some beers. it was nice to stay in but i did miss been out with the lads.

Good news is that it's pay day this week so i'll be out on friday and possibly saturday to make up for been in this weekend.

London seems more and more likely for new years which will be a really good few days.

Friday, 18 November 2011


For some reason this month i seem to be skint, not completely but i don't have much left in the bank for going out, I've got enough to cover shopping and some extra fuel. but other than that its empty.

So there for this is going to be a quiet weekend just lazing around the house i think. i really want to head over to London for the new year, so I've been busy looking at varying bed and breakfast london websites. Hopefully they aren't going to really hike the prices up over the festive period. A mate had been looking at Kings Cross Hotels and theres quite a few in that area and we are well located.

it seems like ages since I've spent a weekend in and i guess I'm just going to have some beers at home and stick a film on. I might even go out on Saturday for a drive somewhere.

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Well last month was pretty hectic for me towards the end of the month. I spent both weekends out and about drinking and chatting, but i was also working pretty hard so i allowed my self to go out when i was hoping to stay in.

There where loads of people out in gio goi clothing so i'm guessing that they've launched some new gear. towns been packed the last few weeks and i'm kind of looking forward to a weekend off this week, but i do some times go out although it is a good few hours later than usual, which usually saves me some good money for the next night lol.

I've finally snapped and bought a Franklin and Marshall to keep me warm over winter while i lounge around the house. They aren't cheap but i know that they are pretty good quality  and nice and warm.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Well my friend is now back down south, he did some shopping while he was up here as he said it was quite a bit cheaper he spend most of his money of designer clothes but also bought a few little things for his house.
He was going to get the train home but it was going to cost around £150 so i said i could take him for £100 to cover petrol costs and we could at a time that suited him not a time that was in the middle of the night.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do this weekend i might end up gong out into town for a few but I've been asked to play five a side, which i haven't played in ages and i enjoy doing. so i might give that a bash even though I'll be coughing and wheezing for 40 minutes out of the 60 minutes. My fitness will soon pick back up though in a few weeks.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Old friends

I've recently been in contact with an old friend from down south and hes been made redundant after 10 years of working for this smallish company, so he's now looking for jobs in kent. he really enjoyed his last job installing pvc windows. but his boss said that unfortunatly people just aren't spending money on there houses like they where a few years back. Although hes not the newest guy there he's kind of in the middle and was most likely to go. He's got quite a few skills so no doubt he'll be back on with another firm soon but i guess hes still going to be looking for full time jobs in kent in the meantime.

He's taking some time to come up and see me this week so it will be good to catch up with him and show him how us folks from the north live.

Friday, 16 September 2011


well i turned straight off after the last f1 race but much to my suprise i found a link to a section of the bbc broadcast and the fans where chanting no sky right beside Eddie Jordan, David Coulthard and the other bloke the reporter one. i had a little chuickle about that hopefully the bcc will pull there finger out. if chris moyles actually left the bbc then they could probably afford the F1 rights.

The Pepsi hasnt marked my jeans which i'm really happy about as i thought they might gget bit of a brown stain but it's all come out so i'm happy that i've not ruined them.

I'm trying to stop smoking, i've been smoking more at work recently which isn't great, but i've bought a iolite vape to aid my cutting down its kind of working now that the fad has worn off so hopefully i''l have cut down even more in a few weeks

Monday, 12 September 2011

Another interesting race

Well it was another interesting F1 race with a interesting incident at the begining which really spiced up the entire race, well it calmed down a bit towards the end, but it was still the best race i've seen so far. Its pretty much a certain that Vettel is going to win the championship again, but this doesnt mean another championship domination like the Schumacher years. Look at Alonso he got the championship back to back due to the renualt having great launch control. but he's not done much since.

I eneded up getting changed half way through the race as i managed to spill pepsi all over my new firetrap jeans so they went straight into the wash and i put some scruffy tracky bottoms on.

Its my favourite F1 race next at Marina Bay, cant wait

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Lewis is Wrong to say sorry

After watching the GP on sunday i was pretty shocked to see that Lewis Hamilton had apolagised for the accident that saw him come out of the race, saying it was his fault. i do feel that he's just saying sorry so that it gets forgotten about.

But seriously was it his fault i'd say not.

He doesnt move his head to look in the mirror to see if anyones at the rear.

It wasn't a violent movement it was a move to the racing line.

I feel it was kobyashi's fault as he was up the side of him and only just.

Monday, 15 August 2011

BT Vision

Well since the F1 will soon be moving to sky and the bbc will only be showing 1/2 of the races, i'm really tempted to get BT vision as i figure it might be slightly cheaper over getting sky.

Plus the fact that sky really bugs me, but if cost wise there isn't much in it then i might just get sky as you do get the recording feature and HD.

I'm currently using a old sky box upstairs as it was easier to re route the old sky cable in the new house over placing a new aerial cable in which would of also meant that i needed a signal booster.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Letting women loose online

Well last night i told my wife that i would by her a nice new handbag, but i didnt want to get dragged round every shop in town, so she had to find it online and then i would get it for her. Anyway she found a few nice fiorelli handbags but in the end she decided that she would go for the fiorelli bermondsey bag as there was a bit more room inside it. It turns out that we managed to get free delivery with it to which always makes me smile although she'll have too wait an extra few days for it.

Not much else interesting has happened over the past few days since the seeside trip. No doubt the weekend will bring some major cock up.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Seaside and clothing

I've had bit of a busy weekend really, Saturday we went over to the seaside and had lovely day out, i managed to take some good pictures with my newish DSLR. The sun wasn't out but it was still warm and you could get away with t shirts and shorts, i went in to a clothing shop hich seemed to be locvally owned and bought a couple of franklin and marshall t shirts as they where on a special offer buy 2 get one half price. We didnt end up leaving the seaside till pretty late as we had tea there as well which was a nice little extra and it ment that we missed the traffic rush

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Accident Claims

Accident claims are a great source of stress for many people in the days and weeks following an accident. Do you need a solicitor or not?  If so, what kind?  Many solicitors specialise now, and choosing correctly can make a difference in the success or failure of your claim. 

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Under this scheme, you owe no fees to the solicitor if you lose your case.  If you win, you will have to pay a much higher fee to the solicitor than you otherwise would, but of course this can be deducted from your winnings.  The solicitor is taking a risk in accepting your case on this “contingency” basis, and wishes to be rewarded for that risk. 

In either case, you will usually be responsible for the solicitor’s fees.  These can include barristers’ fees if the case goes to court, as well as fees for copying and reporting, court fees, and travelling expenses.  In many cases these “out of pocket” fees are not included in a no win no fee agreement, and you’ll need to be prepared to pay for them yourself.

‘No win no fee’ agreements can be very beneficial, but make sure you completely understand the agreement into which you are entering.

Single Pieces That Help Create Designer Looks

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This Fashion Year Consider:

Obi Belts
Draw from Eastern culture with the Obi belt. The Obi has been a prominent part of the spring/summer 2011 UK fashion scene. Gucci, Paul and Joe, Louis Vuitton, Haider Ackermann, Marc Jacobs and Carolina Herrera are just some of the designers that have added to the wide collection of belts available. From graphic to simple; or slender one to those that take up the entire midsection, there is a design for each outfit.

Whether the look is sultry, retro or chic, chokers are a perfect way to complement it. This may be why they are about to become fashion favourites. Recent catwalk presentations have positioned them as the 2011 autumn/winter premier accessory.

It seems Haute Couture will not be complete this year without the ‘evil eye’ talisman. The piece was featured at the catwalk in Paris during Haute Couture Week earlier this year and has found favour with the likes of Diane von Furstenberg and Naomi Campbell.

This is the summer for dresses and skirts but for those who want to add a touch of ‘toughness’, jackets are the item of choice. Biker jackets are extremely popular, so are boxed type jackets that carry a masculine feel. Thanks to Andro-Glamour; masculine cut jackets will also dominate autumn as women move on to the next look, dressing like the guys do.